Bajaj, Pulsar NS200, Street Bikes

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Apr 10, 2024
Letting go my Pulsar 200ns

-IU rewired to draw power only when turned on (saves battery).
-Always parked under shelter (at home), or bike cover (at work).
-Chain cleaned and lubed weekly (including front sprocket).
-Tyres: Changed to Angel CT in November 2018. Chain tension checked.
-Engine oil: Always fully synthetic (since first owner). Latest change on 15 Sept 2018 to Motul 7100.
-Phone mount, bike rack, Kappa baseplate and 42L box included for free
-Battery: Changed by previous owner in 2017. Bike starts every day without a hitch.
-Oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, brake pads replaced in July 2018.
-FC: About 35 kmpl, I feel that better can be achieved if I cruised at a lower speed.

This is my first bike, and I have no regrets choosing it. It’s very beginner-friendly: The bike feels very stable and won’t get blown around by strong winds or vehicle drafts; and power output is much more satisfying compared to the CB125 at BBDC.

Bike has been under my care since July 2018 and used for daily commute to work. I’m letting it go because my current work is ending soon, and I’ll be going overseas for 6 months. I wouldn’t mind keeping the bike, but it’s a pity to leave it alone for 6 months.

When I picked this bike 6 months ago, I chose it over the other Pulsars because of the sound the engine makes. It still sounds amazing, with a full and rich roar, especially compared to other similar or higher mileage bikes.

Excellent bike condition, only some scratches from 2 instances of stationary bike drops. Bike performance was not affected at all.

I always warm up the engine, and can ride with no issues.
I also pay special attention to the critical components, especially the chain and tyres. Regular chain cleaning and lubing is recommended, especially in this rainy season.

Come and take a look for yourself! I’m also more than happy to share my experiences and any tips/advice gathered from others.
Optional Information
License Class
Class 2B
Vehicle Style
Street Bikes
  • Box
  • Crash Bars
  • Black
  • Red
Number Of Owners
58541 km
Dec 04, 2018
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