Safeguard your motorcycle from thieves in Singapore

Jul 02, 2019

In year 2018, there are 900 reported vehicular thefts (which includes both cars and motorbikes) in Singapore.

Low crime doesn’t mean no crime! Don’t be an easy victim! Here is a couple of security tips to safegaurd your motorcycle in Singapore:

Install the most basic security accessories like throttle locks and disc brake locks

Install Motorcycle Anti Theft Remote Alarm of your choice. This will alert you to prevent the theft first of all.

Fit a GPS tracker device to guarantee recuperation if the motorcycle is stolen

Always use a steering lock and make sure you use a ’U’ lock hooked up as this can be a safer choice and can take a lot of effort to break

Keep your keys with you safe all the time including when it’s at home

When you park at multistoried parking, ensure that the motorbike is parked near the CCTV camera. Also park where there will be plenty of people coming and going at all times.

When you park your motorbike in an open parking, use canvas cover and park sufficiently bright area.

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